HHAW 2012 Events



Hip Hop Appreciation Week 2012


The Temple Of Hip Hop Proudly Announces Our Official HHAW 2012 “Loyalty” Events!

New York

Road Island





Presented By Our Official Active Temple Members 

Minista Zin One

Bahc One

Kable Reid

Mondo One



Joseph Sanchez

Sun One



J. Khush



Official Temple Of Hip Hop

HHAW 2012 “Loyalty” Events





New York

~ Bronx ~

May 18th 2012

  • May 18th the Temple Of Hip Hop will be hosting a “Appreciation Ceremony” honoring Afrika Bambattaa & Grand Wizzard Theodore.
  • Along with this historical Hip Hop ceremony we will have great performances from Craig G of the original Juice Crew, El da Sensi from Artifacts, Active Temple Of Hip Hop Member Sun One, and others. AG from Show & AG will also be in the building along with a conflict resolution/ video production team that Active Temple Of Hip Hop Member Joseph Sanchez mentors who will be filming part of the event and other great Hip Hop activities.
  • Grand Wizzard Theodore will also be blessing everyone with a special set to close out this wonderful event.


Live Performances By:

Afrika Bambattaa

Grand Wizzard Theodore

Craig G of the original Juice Crew

El da Sensi from Artifacts

Sun One from The Temple Of Hop Hop

AG from Show & AG

Joseph Sanchez from The Temple Of Hop Hop


May 19th 2012

  • May 19th the Temple Of Hip Hop has been invited to contribute in the Universal Zulu Nation HHAW Event where we will be hosting an “Appreciation Ceremony” to honor the mighty UNIVERSAL ZULU NATION for their continued support in “Hip Hop Appreciation Week”. Active Temple Of Hip Hop Member Sun One will be performing along with a lecture piece on the H-LAW by Active Temple Of Hip Hop Member Mondo One.


Hosted By:

Joseph Sanchez from The Temple Of Hop Hop


Performances By:

Sun One from The Temple Of Hop Hop


Seminar By:

Mondo One from The Temple Of Hop Hop


Road Island

~ Providence ~

May 17th 2012


Live Breakdancing

w/ B-Boy Keebla123 + other guests


Emcee Performance

w/ Sun One from The Temple Of Hip Hop


Big City Bumpus & Team Digital


Graffiti Art

w/ Jusone/DBM Crew & Tapdone



w/ DJ Kellan & Dj John Gotem



w/ Dj King Ruckus & Dj Platz


Sponsored By:

The Temple Of Hip Hop

Supreme Royal


Brawlers Inc Clothing Co

Collective Thought Media



~ Las Vegas ~

May 18th 2012


Temple Of Hip Hop & Hip Hop Roots: Presents

Hip Hop Appreciation Week

1st Annual Las Vegas Hip Hop Celebration & Awards Ceremony


Live Performances By:

  • Super Natural
  • Highdro
  • Peril & Plague
  • Zin One & The H-LAW Crew from The Temple Of Hip Hop
  • Hosted By S-Five


Dj Exhibition w/ 4 Turntables

  • Tray
  • Scientific
  • Shanestream
  • J-One
  • 5’8”


Live Painting & Raffle By

Legendary Graff Writer “King Crea8 and Ras One of POP

Awards Presented By

Zulu King Pauly Mac

Hip Hop Seminar w/ Supernatural

Open Mic

Live Beatbox Set

Live B-Boys

Hip Hop Swapmeet – Buy, Sell, and Trade Merch

Live Photos by PhotoFM.com

9pm – 2am

$10 pre

$12 door


Sponsored By:

The Temple Of Hip Hop

Fresh Talent Entertainment


Still Smoking

Sunday Skoolin

United We Stand

Reggae Roots

Temple Of Hip Hop

Johnny Applepipe


Gorilla Radio

Original Genius



~ Minneapolis ~

May 15th 2012

  • This is the big one folks! The Poets have been competing all year to earn two of the coveted spots that will be reppin the Twin Cities at the National Poetry Slam this summer! If you only make it to one slam this year, this should be the one!


Qualified Poets:
6 is 9
Neil Hilborn
Spencer Retelle
Dylan Garity
Kait Rokowski
Tom Reed
Shane Hawley
Paul N


May 16th 2012

  • Every year, a number of the 16 Public Housing hi-rises hold events concerning their “Peace Pole”. The saying “MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH” is inscribed in the four languages mostly spoken at each hi-rise. All 16 hi-rises has received a Peace Pole as a way to speak and emphasize Peace with in the Communities.
  • On May 16, 2012 at 3:00 pm, a Peace Pole Rededication Event will be held at Valley Hi-rise. Active Temple Member Kable Reid will be attending this event as a Guest Speaker, speaking on the terms of  Peace in the Communities, and providing some suggestions and other ideas moving forward.


Hosted By:

Jesse Thomas Co Chair Resident Council


Guest Speaker:

Kable Reid from The Temple Of Hip Hop


May 17th 2012

  • Live in-studio interview with Active Temple Of Hip Hop Member Kable Reid to discuss HHAW, Loyalty, and the current state of Hip Hop in the year 2012 and Beyond.


Hosted By:

Derek Ehlert


Guest Speaker:

Kable Reid from The Temple Of Hip Hop




~ New Orleans ~

May 18th 2012

First annual Hip Hop Peace Summit

N.A.A.C.P of St. John the Baptist Parish, JC ham and The Youth Empowerment State Program, in association with the Temple of Hip Hop, would like to invite you to come out and chill with us to celebrate Hip Hop Appreciation Week and participate in Louisiana’s First Annual Hip Hop Peace Summit.

Friday May 18th 2012 at the First annual Hip Hop Peace Summit. The Show goes down at the Mid-City Banquet Hall 3717 Tulane Ave. New Orleans LA from 10am to 10pm

Activities will include workshops that deal with healing the world through Spiritual Medicine and Conflict Resolution, The Mediation Process, along with Hip Hop Culture. The festivities will also include Live Performances from local artists.

100% of door charge will be donated to The Youth Empowerment State Program



$10 All Day


Live Performances By:

Lord Byron


Hosted By:

John P Cunningham


Sponsored By:

The Temple of Hip Hop

Robert Taylor, President of the N.A.A.C.P of St. John the Baptist Parish

The Youth Empowerment State Program

Omeed Badkoobeh- Rep. of Solar Structure Green

John J Anderson Producer of the Movie “Pride” 

Travis Lyons


John P Cunningham

Lead Event Coordinator

The Youth Empowerment State Program




Kable Reid

Assistant Coordinator

Temple Of Hip Hop





The Temple Of Hip Hop proudly announces our Official HHAW Events & Activities for 2012!

During Hip Hop Appreciation Week, serious “Hiphoppas” are advised to:


Give the next person the right of way. Allow others to pass you.

Donate your skill to someone who cannot afford it.

Give the loose change of your purchases to the person behind you in line.

Be quick to compliment and slow to criticize. Perform forgiveness.

Give 10% of your salary to your child’s teacher, to your teacher, or to a teacher.

Offer assistance to a neighbor; clean their kitchen, bathroom, etc., baby-sit, tutor, etc.

Study and teach the culture, arts, history and philosophies of Hip Hop.

Talk to young people about images & performances of today’s mainstream Rappers and DJs.

Acknowledge and celebrate the person or place that introduced you to Hip Hop.



Hip Hop Appreciation Week not only allows real Hiphoppas to promote their own concerts, lectures, workshops, art exhibits and cultural conferences, in their own communities raising money and opportunities for themselves and their families, but it also calls upon Hip Hop’s artists as well as those corporate entities that make money exploiting “hip-hop” to give back to the culture that has given them so much.

Hip Hop Appreciation Week is an opportunity to be a supporter of Hip Hop’s Culture, not just an exploiter of Hip Hop’s arts. The Temple of Hip Hop teaches that the true preservation of Hip Hop must include the preservation of Hip Hop’s people, not just its products and artifacts. This is why Hip Hop Appreciation Week is so important to Hip Hop’s further development; it is because Hip Hop Appreciation Week is an event that gives average everyday Hiphoppas an opportunity to make some money, teach some young people, and enjoy some real Hip Hop; basically preserving the Culture by BEING the Culture.

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