Loyalty: By Minista Zin One


 Hip Hop Appreciation Week 2012


Minista Zin One is an Official Graduated Apprentice of the Temple Of Hip Hop under the direct tutelage of the Teacha “KRS-One”. As the Spiritual & Intellectual Contributor to the Gospel Of Hip Hop Minista Zin One has traveled the US, Europe, and Canada as the Ambassador For Peace & Prosperity. From this global experience and exposure comes a Powerful Public Speaker, Leader, and Emcee, who now brings to you a very important message on behalf of the Temple Of Hip Hop!


A Letter From The Minista



By: Zin One 

Peace and much love, this is the Minsta Zin One reaching out to the entire global Hip Hop Community. As many of you are aware Hip Hop Appreciation Week 2012 is finally here, what a great time to be alive! Our theme for 2012 is LOYALTY. What is loyalty? What does it mean to be loyal? Who and what are we loyal to as individuals? What are we loyal to collectively? How do we even define the word loyalty? The answer may surprise us. Let’s get started.

The Oxford English Dictionary (Volume 9: 1989) defines loyalty as: faithful adherence to one’s promise, oath, word of honor and to be loyal as: true to obligations of duty, love, etc. faithful to the plighted troth.

American Heritage Dictionary (4th Edition: 2000) defines loyalty as: the state or quality of being loyal, a feeling or attitude of devoted attachment and affection.  and defines loyal as : steadfast in allegiance to one’s homeland, government or sovereign. faithful to a person, ideal, custom, cause, or duty

Here we find that being loyal is being true to one’s promises, obligations and duty. Being loyal is also a steadfast allegiance to certain customs, people and ideals. Being loyal is a state of living out and performing one’s duty and obligations (purpose). We discover that loyalty is the action of being loyal, loyalty is a faithful feeling and attitude of devotion and affection to whatever one is loyal to. So who and what are we loyal to, where do our loyalties reside? America? The government? Corporate mainstream slavery? What about GOD, self, Hip Hop, our future, each other?

These are very serious questions. Many Hiphoppas today believe that they are loyal to Hip Hop Kulture simply by purchasing, downloading and listening to rap music. They believe that by going to a few shows and a lecture once in awhile that they are being loyal and participating in the Kulture. And this is true to a certain extent. But what about being loyal to Hip Hop when you are not at an event or purchasing hip-hop’s products? Who or what do you become loyal to then? Remember loyalty is a faithful feeling and attitude of devotion and affection to whatever one is loyal to. We can see what we are loyal to simply by what we devote ourselves to and what we care for. So what do you devote yourself to? What do you care about? What do you spend your time doing and thinking about? It is an ancient fact that we become what we do and think of repeatedly. It is very hard to become a real emcee (or anything in life) if one’s time, mind and energy is devoted and focused on a job, bills, family, etc. And keep in mind that in no way am I advocating anyone leaving their job or family to pursue Emceein. What I am saying is that there are very real consequences to whatever we choose to be loyal to. Perform patience. Let’s go a little deeper.

Each of us is born with a certain purpose in life, a unique duty that only we can fulfill. Others may help us discover our purpose, but only you and you alone can live and be your purpose. So what is your purpose? What do you love being and doing? For some, their purpose is growing and cultivating organic food. For others their purpose may be feeding and nurturing those who are starving. For others it may be uplifting the human spirit through music. It seems that our purpose is always expressed through our actions. Repeated actions become skill. Once again what do you really love doing? What do you devote your time to? Even further, what human skills do you already possess?  What can you do without the use of technology?

It is a well known fact that slavery has become very comfortable. It seems that everything is monitored as if privacy no longer exists. All worldly institutions are on the verge of collapse as new technologies and beliefs arise. Person to person communication has been replaced by digital media. Human skills such as compassion, trust, intimacy and monogamy are becoming increasingly rare. Remember Hip Hop is the last of the human skills. Our elements exist outside of technology. We need no technology to Rap, Break or Write. Even Deejayin is the manipulation and mastery over technology. It takes real human skill to cut and mix records!

Those who have mastered such life skills as Emceen, Breakin, cultivation, compassion and even the ability to love have done so through their devotion to mastering such life skills. They are truly loyal to their purpose! And know this, you may have to get a job to remain loyal to your purpose, even if at the time it may seem contradictory. The spirit realm is infinite, while our human awareness and understanding is limited. We do not see the whole picture. Only GOD sees everything. GOD is loyal to us, and will never forsake us. It is only our doubt and disbelief that get in the way of God’s loyalty. Privacy is a requirement of GOD. It is our time alone with ourselves that we find time alone with GOD. GOD is loyal to us. Isn’t it time that we become loyal to what GOD is loyal to? Attuned Hiphoppas are encouraged to spend time daily being loyal to themselves through communion (prayer and meditation) with GOD.

Here we find that the ultimate state of loyalty is being in harmony with GOD’s will and purpose for our lives. No two people share the exact same purpose. This is why it is so important to only live from and be loyal to one’s purpose. True purpose is always found in service to others. If your purpose is to inspire and uplift through music and you are loyal to everything except your music (purpose), not only do you suffer but those who need to be inspired and uplifted through your music (purpose) also suffer. Remember we are all interdependent upon each other. You living your purpose enhances my life, just as the living of my purpose enhances your life (God-willing). This is what GOD is loyal to: the living of our purpose.

As a final thought, all true Hiphoppas are encouraged to be loyal to our Pioneers, Elders, Teachas, as well as all those who paved the way. There is no higher crime in Hip Hop Kulture than to diss and tear down those who put us on and opened the door allowing us to walk through. Without their loyalty, dedication and sacrifice, none of us would be here today discussing and living Hip Hop.  Everyone who claims Hip Hop as their culture must honor and respect this lineage. Let us not tear our organic leadership down just because they may have stumbled or made an honest mistake, we are all here growing and learning together. Remember that we are in a war for the very souls and minds of our people, there are all kind of agencies looking to exploit and control our resources. Our organic leadership is our greatest resource, and if we are truly the family that we claim to be, isn’t it time that we started lifting each other up instead of tearing each other down? So many of our brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers are suffering because of this immature and outdated behavior. As men and women what sort of example are we setting for the generation that is following us?

In closing, what example are we living for our children and grandchildren right now this very moment? Is this not what GOD is speaking to our hearts right now this very moment? We must be loyal to our children, they are counting on us getting this right. Let us become the shining example that we all needed growing up. Let us protect and nurture these young people from the forces conspiring against them.  Let us be loyal to Hip Hop Kulture, loyal to our purpose and most of all loyal to our GOD, the Great Event that heard the cries of our suffering and answered with our greatest treasure Hip Hop! This is the essence of what it means to be loyal, this is the true power and meaning behind loyalty. There it is.

~ Minista Zin One ~

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